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Welcome to Barque: Your Expat Service Center in Thailand!

We're a dedicated team of seasoned HR, finance, and legal professionals, united by a mission to simplify your journey to success in Thailand.

As the global talent market evolves, we understand that talent and companies no longer need to reside within the same borders. While opportunities are vast, navigating local compliance and operations can be challenging. That's where we come in.

Thailand is a thriving market for talent, and we're here to ensure seamless compliance, whether your talents are local or global. Armed with Thailand’s Board of Investment promotion, we're your trusted partners, helping your business thrive without the stress.

At Barque, we look after all our stakeholders to ensure the best experience on this exciting journey toward success.


Contracted Employee

Needs to onboard your talents to Thailand?

We’re here to support you with compliance & regulatory adherence

Benefits Administration

Managing and overseeing the logistics for various benefits and perks you needs to attract and retain the talents.

Immigration Services

Working in Thailand comes with compliance requirements. Our team specializes in work permit applications, ensuring that you meet all legal obligations. Trust us to handle the paperwork while you concentrate on your career.

Payroll Management




Compliance with payroll regulations can be complex. We take the burden off your shoulders by managing payroll & statutory reports matters, ensuring that you meet all the obligations accurately and on time. Stay in good standing with the law while focusing on your growth.


Simplifying Requirements, One Client at a Time

Fast and Efficient!

"Barque's assistance made all the necessary administrative steps for my compliant hiring and fast payment a breeze." - Wiphak G.

A Lifesaver!

"Barque simplified taxation in a way I could understand." - Patt T.

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Barque offers comprehensive HR services in Thailand, focusing on compliance and efficiency, particularly in international talent management. With transparent fixed fees, Barque ensures trust, clarity, and optimal resource allocation, dedicated to clients' success in the vibrant Thai market.

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